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 Benefits of Weight Training

​​​The type of Weight Training that is most beneficial to you depends on several different factors such as your age, gender, weight, medical conditions, overall health condition, medication or supplements you are taking, fitness abilities, and cardiovascular health.

We start with a detailed intake/ evaluation by our educated training professional, an important step in program design. Our Balanced Body Fitness andWellness specialist will assess your health and fitness intake/ evaluation information and determine which program you will benefit from the most.

Your Fitness and Wellness program is designed for your specific abilities, goals, and lifestyle. An accurate program design will make a difference and minimize risk of injury. Let's start today!

Contract for Success 

* promotes fat-free body mass, tones body

* helps to lower resting metabolic rate (helps burn more calories at rest)

* builds strength of muscles and  other                  connective tissues such as tendons

* improves coordination/balance (neuromuscular stimulation) Proper training and knowledge of Myokinesis is imperative.

* Improves sleep

* Improves mental health, depression, insomnia

* releases those feel-good hormones, mood, and mind-boosting substances (endorphins, serotonin, BDNF)

* helps overcome addictions like smoking

* helps build bone density, improves bone loss

* important part of any weight loss program


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Balanced Body Fitness and Wellness 

​​Balanced Body Fitness and Wellness  

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You are patient, and determined and understand that it took time to de-condition your body and it will take time to build your body to its original state. You will invest time and effort in yourself

We are committed to providing you with the tools, motivation and knowledge necessary to succeed.

Have fun, work hard and be the best you can be!

Reaching your fitness goals

Weight Training is an important component in any successful  Fitness and Wellness Program for Men and Women of all ages and Fitness Abilities.

Weight Training for Men & Women in Blue Point


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Weight Training 

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Weight Training is beneficial to Men and Women of all ages and fitness levels.

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 Benefits of Weight Training