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Pilates exercise methods focus on functional movements designed and modified to accommodate individual fitness abilities. Joseph H. Pilates believed in restoring the body to its original natural state by his methods of Contrology.

Contrology is based on  the body's movements and breathing working together to improve awareness, balance, breathe, concentration, centering, control, efficient movement, flow, precision and harmony.

Pilates is a spectacular form of exercise that is much more than physical movement, its an expression of human movement and the living breathe. Pilates strengthens as it lengthens, focuses on precise controlled movements and  maximizes the efficiency of breathe and movement.

Pilates is designed for one-on-one personal training but can also be safely instructed by qualified teachers to small classes of advanced students. Pilates is instructed starting with and mastering basic movements  before more complex exercises are implemented.

Balanced Body Fitness and Wellness Pilates instructor is certified by Body Arts and Science International and is a Board Certified  NYS licensed Therapist and Certified Personal Fitness Trainer.

Rest assured, you are in good hands.

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Joseph H. Pilates

" After 10 sessions you'll feel the difference, After 20 sessions you'll notice the difference,

After 30 sessions you'll have a whole new body. "

Pilates is well known for its method of corrective exercises among professional performers and elite athletes and today has become even more popular for general fitness conditioning for men and women of all ages.

Pilates Reformer is the best known Pilates apparatus and is used in general fitness programs as well as corrective exercise programs. Pilates Method improves physical strength, flexibility, posture and enhances mental awareness.

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Pilates is a system of functional exercises using specialized movements designed by Joseph H. Pilates. Performed on a mat / floor or utilizing various Pilates apparatus.

Pilates was originally invented by Joseph H. Pilates as rehabilitation for men during WWI and has grown to touch the lives of millions of exercise enthusiasts, men and women of all ages, since its inception in the early 1900's.

Men and women of all ages and fitness levels, from beginners to advanced can benefit from Pilates exercise method. Pilates method of exercises can be modified to accommodate all physical fitness abilities, from the elite athlete seeking to fine tune their skills, to  an everyday exercise enthusiast working on being the best they can be.

Have back issues?  Stability or Balance issues?

Poor posture?  Neck, knee or ankle imbalances?

Pilates  method is very beneficial in helping you return to having a well balanced pain free range of motion. Pilates core strengthening, spine lengthening, upper body aligning and breathing method are all part of full body integration, focusing on improving your stability, balance, posture and endurance. Helping to improve your quality of life.