Anyone can benefit from our unique Massage Programs.

This unique, powerful and productive program is perfect for the active individual seeking to fine tune their body or the everyday person seeking to resolve tight and painful muscles and joints.

Myokinesis / Massage Therapy  Programs are not just for injuries. Our Programs specialize in maintenance programs that will help improve your quality of life, improve flexibility and keep you pain free.

How do I begin?

Massage Therapy Services

     Enjoy our Zen / Massage Room

Enjoy Balanced Body Fitness and Wellness Zen/ Massage Treatment Room. Our private Massage Treatment room is soothing and comfortable with a wood burning Vermont Stove, waterfall and Zen atmosphere.

​Enjoy the atmosphere and aroma therapy as you experience a relaxing Swedish Massage and feel the stress melt away.

​​Seeking  Myokinesis / Massage Therapy, Sports Massage, Medical Massage or a Deep Tissue treatment? Rest assure, our Zen/ Massage Treatment Room is the perfect relaxing environment for those more aggressive treatments. 

To begin, choose from one of the many services we offer, give us a call and we will set up an appointment.  If you prefer, email.

Not sure about which treatment?

     We can help, just give us a call.

*Swedish Massage

*Oriental Massage

*Deep Tissue

*Medical Massage

*Acupressure Treatment

*Scar Tissue FAST Release

*Trigger Point Therapy

*Myofascial Release

*Lymphatic Drainage

*Hot Stone Therapy

*Cryotherapy/ Hydroculator

*Active Isolated Stretching

*Passive/ Active Stretching

*Sports Massage

Balanced Body Massages Studio offers a variety of Massage / Myokinesis Therapy Programs in Bayport, Blue Point, Patchogue & Sayville.

We understand everyone responds differently to Touch Therapy so we focus special attention on your unique body and specific needs.

Stretch/ ROM Sessions are also available to improve flexibility and pain free mobility. Massage Treatments and Stretch/ ROM Sessions can also be integrated with our exercise programs. What a perfect way to  Maximize Results and finish off an exercise session.

 Benefits of Massage & Myokinesis Programs

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Try a relaxation Swedish Massage to melt away stress or if you enjoy a more aggressive Massage Treatment, try a Sports / Medical / Deep Tissue  Massage Therapy Session to focus on specific areas of concern and help facilitate healing.

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Myokinesis/ Massage Programs can help correct unresolved muscular imbalances and/ or pain. Our Programs help promote healing and ease the transition into independent exercise programs after surgery or after completing a physiotherapy treatment. 

​Myokinesis Therapy combines Massage Therapy with Corrective Exercise to help prevent future injuries and resolve chronic pain and over-contracted muscles. 

Myokinesis Therapy helps restore full range of motion, flexibility, balance, strength, and endurance.

     We are committed to helping you to return to a pain free                        lifestyle and improve your quality of life.

Myokinesis / Massage Therapy


The Gift of Health

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Balanced Body Fitness and Wellness Studio

Balanced Body Fitness and Wellness Studio

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